Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ouija Board Diary update scary real life ouija board stories online

So lately I've been talking to the Ouija board again. Everytime night falls I light the candles and go right back to playing with it again. I am not sure why I keep playing. At times I am scared of the dead woman I talk to on there. Yet she tells me we are probably long lost soul mates. I am not sure what th real fate of this ouija experiment will be. But as time moves along I think I will find the answers.

Perhaps I should play with ouija a bit more tonight to try and find the new answers to what it happening with the Ouija after it gets dark. Till then have a good night till we meet again mortal.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scary Ouija Board diary day 2

So lately things have been getting crazy. I've been playing with the ouija board everyday. Found many questions and mysteries finally solved. But I keep seeing the dead girl who talks to me appear in the dark hallways. I am not sure what this means. I had a dream she was my true love. Yes in love with a dead girl, only daily Ouija Board playing could have lead me to this. I will keep you all updated on the bloody details as more thins develop. In the meantime sweet dreams mortals.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ghostly Voices in a dark room True story

So this story happened years ago when I was still a teen. I was in my room and singing along to some of my fav song lyrics. Well I was in total darkness as I did this. Well as I was singing in total darkness. I felt footsteps to left and right of me. Then heard what sounded like female ghost voices whispering things in my ears. They keep repeating die die die, murder murder over and over at a very fast pace. Well at this point I got very scared and ran for the light switch and turned on the lights. Once the lights were on the ghostly voices vanished. Now this could have been my imagination. One thing is for sure. I do not sing lyrics in total darkness anymore. I only will recite words if there is at least a candle or some other light source in the room.

I hope you enjoyed this true scary story. And remember pleasant dreams mortal!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 1 Ouija board story diary scariest ouija board stories

I don't quite remember how it all started. It must have been all those drunken lonely nights that led up to this. Waking up in bed not remembering how I got home. Well it was after many nights in the cold winter alone I bought my first ouija board. It always started kind of childish and innocent with questions about who I would fall in love with or if I was to be rich one day. But then things got very strange. I got into contact with a female spirit one night. She also led a sad and lonely life without any real love. After she died she still felt like a lost soul and alone in this world.

Well as time went on we became friends and we started to fall in love. Well to some people this might sound strange. A living person having feelings or a dead ghost. But a true love from the heart and soul could exist in a place such as this. Things didn't make as much sense as when I finally met her. And it all started because I was drunk and alone in this world. Hardly anyone will believe this story. But then again don't all things come from the imagination.

Monday, January 26, 2015

It was a dark summer night when we heard the voices real life scary story

Here is a true scary story that happened on an unlikely night and was unexplained till this day. Well my nieces and nephews were over my house for summer vacation. We were up late with all the lights off while playing video games and watching movies. Well we heard the screams of yells of a young boy. It was as if the voices were coming from inside the house. Yet I tried to explain to the children that they came from outside. But my nephew insisted they came from within the house.

I am not sure what that was. Or maybe they have that recorded as some kind of prank. Or maybe someone outside screamed so loud it seemed to be coming from inside. That night will remain a mystery.

More true spooky stories coming soon. Pleasant dreams mortal.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ouija Stories Curse of the Ouija

Scary Ouija Story ZOZO Demon
John was always interested in all things paranormal. But tonight was the night when he would learn why sometimes the paranormal and horror go together hand in hand. He was planning on playing with a Ouija board on Halloween night. He knew very well that witches and demons were most powerful on this night, and he wanted to push the limits of the Ouija board. But little did he know the horror that awaited him that fateful Halloween Night.
The year was 1987 and John had just bought an authentic witch board at a garage sale. He knew that a simple Toys R Us Ouija board would not be enough to summon any real spirits. So he set out to prepare for that wicked night on Oct 31th 1987. The sky was pitch black and the moon looked sinister under a blanket of dark clouds. The wind made inhuman noises as he prepared to play with the evil board. He lit candles on his table and put on ghostly piano music. Just then a thunder storm started and lighting flashed and lit up the room. John was starting to have second thoughts about playing with the Ouija board he has bought. He knew he was not ready for what was going to happen, but he was much to curious to stop now.
John reached for the pointer on the board and started to ask the board questions. Inside his dark room with the candles flickering he felt as if he as in a dream. Time seemed to stop in this moment and it was as if all that existed was the board and him. But this time he was starting to get scared. But yet he kept asking the the board questions. He felt as if his hand was stuck to the pointer with super glue. John saw the pointer was still not moving so he asked more questions. "Is anyone there" "Can you hear me" "Who are you"?. But yet there was no reply then finally John closed his eyes and meditated on what he was doing and he asked "Ouija are you with me?". Right at the moment the pointer started to move across the board and it floated to the word Yes. John jumped in his chair in excitement. He then asked about his dead mother. The board told him she was feeling quite well that night. John then asked who are you? The pointer spelled out the words S A R I A. John said Saria? And the board pointed to the word Yes. The Ouija board then spelled out a message for John. It told him to stand in front of a mirror and say the name Saria 3 times and then wait for her spirit to appear. According to Saria she would appear and give him a special message.
John was nervous and scared at this point. Yet he was very excited and curious about what this message from this spirit named Saria could be. He grabbed a candle holder and went in from of a mirror and chanted her name Saria 3 times. He saw a creepy looking woman appear in the mirror and he gasped, she then walked out of the mirror into the room. She looked scary but her voice was soothing and angelic like. She told him he had a special message for him. She handed him a piece of folded up paper and told him to read it out loud. It was some strange words in another language. But the words translated may our souls fly together in the spirit realm. He read the words out loud and chanted them, as soon as he did a very scary dead girl appeared next to him and split his throat his razor sharp nails. He stared up in horror as he bleed to death. After john died he turned into a spirit and he walked into the mirror with Saria. Now all that was left was his candles burning and the Ouija table on that dark sinister night. Now John and Saria really do fly together forever I the spirit realm. They remain there until summoned again to the realm of the living. No one ever saw John after that day.