Monday, May 18, 2015

Best Netflix movies scary movies Wes Craven's New Nightmare Review

One of my favorite series ever has always been the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I mean how could you not love Freddy Kruger with his awesome claw and cool hat. I saw a lot of the older films as a child. But one film that I missed was Wes Craven's new Nightmare. This film has a new creative twist. It's about Freddy being a fantasy character. And then he tries to come into the real world.

I won't give away to many of the secrets but they tell you the real essence and origin of Freddy in this series. And there was something different about Freddy in the New Nightmare film. He was darker more sinister. But you will find out when you see the film. I enjoyed the acting and Freddy was as scary as ever in this film. But you will see why when you watch it! So if you are a Freddy Kruger fan and in the mood to watch a scary film, Then get on Netflix and watch Wes Craven's New Nightmare today! It's one of Netflix's best scary movies. And pleasant dreams mortal!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Headless horseman looks like Gannon's spirit in the forest Temple in Zelda Ocarina of time

This is not a scary tale. But some observations I made from watching Sleepy Hollow today. The headless horseman looks a like like Gannon's evil spirit boss in the forest temple. The forest temple is in the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time game. Perhaps ones of the best games ever made.

Just something interesting I wanted to point out and comment on.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The spooky website part 1 scary stories online

Once upon a time there was this spooky website. I love to stay up late at night reading scary real stories, as well as urban legends. Also going to haunted websites that list all the haunted places in the world had always interested me.

But this night I stumbled upon a website that I had never seen before it. It was so spooky and creepy. When I clicked on it strange song started playing in the intro of it. A lot of ghostly disturbing images appeared on the screen. But what scared me most was a ghostly face the fades into the screen. Then some bloody red letters spelled out the words. Click here if you dare enter into my realm.

Well I had seen enough! I clicked out of the site and logged of the net and turned the PC off. That night I could still see the scary face in my mind starting at me back from the screen. I felt as if I had seen this site before long ago. But I wasn't sure. I wouldn't go back to it that night. That is all I know. But I will keep you updated in the next part of this horror story series.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Decent into darkness love is dead

love ? That is something I gave up on a long time ago.... i think as each day passes..i lose more faith in love.. i become darker and more sinister.. which each dark poem.. i craft with my pen.... with each horror story I write.... it scares me.. yet I think this is my truest essence..... my decent into pure darkness begins... there's no turning back now..! of course if dark words.. conjure me money.. i am pleased.. as this will buy me the rum...

people in this world.. just want all these lovely dovey.. pre written quotes.. and think that is something wise... in reality.. they don't want know what you really think and feel.. unless. it's the same mundane... everyday rubbish... tell them how you really feel.. they'll call you evil... let them think what they want... being honest.. is better than putting on a fake smile... love is dead..

signed in blood

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The inverted cross ghost monster creepypasta story scariest online stories

Once upon a time there was an evil inverted cross with a monster face on it. It lived within a haunted church. No one dared to enter into the church for many years, as they feared being face to face with the sinister inverted cross monster. But one day a brave man who was looking for his lost love went into that church to fight of the evil of the inverted cross monster.

When he entered the spooky room in the church where the inverted cross monster lived, he was struck with horror as he beheld the view of the monster. Imagine an inverted cross with a hideious face upon. With a bunch of floating shrunken heads flying in circles around it. Ladies and gentlemen that is true meaning of horror.

Well brave man who faced the monster could only defeat him one way. If he used the magic sword that lay on the ground right ahead of the monster. It is said that this blade is powerful and it's magic and destroy the inverted cross monster. But no one had been brave enough to try it until tonight.

The brave man swung his sword and fought of the evil looking shrunken heads and floated around the inverted cross monster. The fought them and destroyed them all. At the end he finally swung the magic sword to finally defeat the inverted cross monster! Once he was defeated. The darkness once again faded away from the church. No one ever saw the evil inverted cross monster again after that day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 4 Ouija board story diary scariest ouija board stories

It seems playing with the ouija has made new things happen for me in life. It seems money just keeps appearing out of thin air in my domain. Of course this could have been due to some magic spells I once did. I am not quite sure at this moment.

If you have been keeping up with ouija board diary and scary stories you will know about the dead woman I fell in love with via the ouija. Of course perhaps this was all destiny. It seems real life just got a bit boring. Isn't that why so many venture into the dark world of the occult as well as other spooky and scary things.

I have been thinking of not playing the ouija much anymore. I am not sure yet. But I will keep you updating on the stories and this diary. Till we meet again. And remember pleasant dreams mortals!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

doors slamming doors opening on their own spooky things happening true scary stories

Here is yet another true scary story I will share on here.
This is one the scariest true stories online. It was when I was younger during a darker and more sad time in my life. Well I was simply getting and reading dark things online. You know demonic occult books, scary demon and ghost stories etc. I also was just playing scary and occult video games at the time. One of which was the original Doom on PC. Well as time went by I would just lock myself in my room get drunk and read about and be around dark things.

So strange things started happening at the house as the months went by. A door slammed hard once while I was not home. But people told me about it later when I got home. Door nobs would also turn and the cabinet for a VCR opened on it's own as well. Things started to get pretty spooky as time went on. But these kind of hauntings that happened. During this time period I also had scary nightmares and strange dreams at the time. Was it the things I was reading or something else lurking in the shadows. Something more evil , something more sinnister? the world May never know.

Till next time Pleasant Dreams mortal !