Sunday, January 29, 2017

Is the dark net evil ? many spooky things lurk there

You thought the regular net was bad enough. or the deep web was scary enough. But have you ever heard of the dark net? Some people say it is to be secretive and hide what you say or have freedom of speech. Yet others say it's a place where evil and very bad things lurk.

Here is a scary tale about the Dark net! Would you ever dare go there?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Conjuriing 2 was a horror MasterPiece! The Nun is scary

I really do like The Conjuring series. It's just a great series indeed! I think that this film truly will scare many people. One of the scariest ghosts was of course the Nun. One of the scariest ghosts in any film i've seen. I like the other ghosts in the film as well, but The Nun was super scary. One thing I liked about The Conjuring 2 was that is was so fast paced.

With the fast non stop action you were always scared while watching The Conjuring 2. It's one of the best horror movies of recent times. And here is the scary part, they are going to make a whole movie based on one ghost. And that ghost is The Nun. Now I really can't wait to see that one! The one wants to eat your weak soul, and the Nun want it now! Or should I say Valek. Yes Valek was a demon, and there was only one way to defeat it. But you have to watch the film to know how! Yes I am not giving the secret away here.

If you are ready to enter a new level of hell then get ready to watch The Conjuring 2. Even thought part one was slower, it did get under my skin. Both are good and interesting in their own ways. Even though part 2 is so much more interesting overall. The fast pace of the scare I think it what made people say part 2 was scarier. However even though Conjuring 1 was slower, I still got a lot more scared. Especially during parts like playing hide and clap etc.

The storyline of The Conjuring 2 was very fast pace, and hard to keep up. You hardly have time to even breathe as things move along so quickly. But I did enjoy the plot quite a bit.

Overall I give The Conjuring 2 two dead hands up! One of the best horror movies of recent years. Another one of my favorite ghosts was The Crooked Man. He was quite creative and scary. But I think they should have done more with The Cooked Man, he didn't get enough camera time sadly. Hopefully they can bring him back later. But yes if you truly want to be scared then, The Conjuring 2 is the film for you. It has fast paced action, and many ghosts and scares waiting for you!. The music soundtrack was pretty good as well. Just be ready for one of the most scary films of all time.

Samara wants your soul

Samara truly wants your soul. She is dark and sinister much like I am. She will get your bloody soul in the new The Ring movie called RINGS. welcome to hell

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Is valek a real demon ?

Buy Classic Ouija Boards! Click Here Yes Valek is a real demon. But it does not take the form of a nun like in the movie The Conjuring 2.

Scariest Youtube Videos! Very scary SnapChat Story

Buy Classic Ouija Boards! Click Here Wow this story is just super scary! Worst of all I think it's based on a true story! Enjoy this super scary snapchat story!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rings 2016 Trailer! The Ring is back!

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In 2002 you found out that before you die you see the Ring. Rings is the return of Samara Morgan! And she wants your soul! And she want it now!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ouija pointer moved on it's own

It was a dark and gloomy night we had lit candles and were playing with the ouija board late night. The first thing we did was ask what kind of future we would have. Then who our lovers might be.

After about a 30 minutes of this the pointer on the board went crazy! It started moving in circles and going fast all over the board. We got scared and ran out of there so fast! We will probably not play the ouija board ever again.

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