Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chucky VS Leprechan who would win in a fight ?

So who do you think would win in a fight Chucky or Leprechaun ? I say Chucky because he has a knife and curses a lot.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is Freddy Kruger the greatest horror villian ever?

He is probably one of the scariest and most evil characters ever. I mean he is probably one of the only villians who ever gave me nightmares or made me fear going into my dark room at night.

Yet others think he is funny. And now that I am older I see the humor in some of the older Nightmare on Elm Street films. Yet there is always that inner voice telling me that Freddy is coming for me. I didn't see the 2010 remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, and even though it got bad reviews, I am curious to see it.

The Haunted Youtube video

Well I heard this is this haunted video. It's like a weird dream and so dark. I mean it's like the video from The Ring but even spookier. Well I know people would send it to people on e mail or in an IM as a joke. But I heard that if you saw it and didn't keep sending it on to someone else, you could get haunted. Some people tried to find the video on youtube. But the video kept getting shut down.

I am not sure if this is true. But if you run across the haunted youtube video, be careful and just don't watch it. If you see keep passing it on to other people.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scariest Movies online for free DeadBirds

If you love free movies you can watch free movies on Well last night I saw a very scary movie called DeadBirds and let me tell you this is one of the scariest new movies I have ever seen. It's spooky and very disturbing. Perfect for this halloween month indeed! Go check it out if you dare!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

User 666 on Youtube

So I was looking up spooky and creepy videos like I always do and found this really interesting story. It's about an old youtube account called user 666. They say now when you go to the page it will just tell you that it's suspended account. But back when it was active it showed some really creepy and disturbing videos. No one knew who made the channel or where it came from. But there are some theories floating around out there. I am not sure, but it sounded spooky. Here is a fake version of the channel but still spooky either way.

User666 video on youtube

Also I found what looks to be the original user666 or their return?
enter at your own risk. Not sure what is on there but feel free to explore!
Real Username 666 channel on youtube ?

Slender Man is real

A lot of people think the legend of Slender Man is not real. But i know he is real. He may not dwell in the city but I know he dwells in the country. Also you can find him in forests. How do I know this? Well because I was once lost in a dark forest at night.

It was a dark gloomy night and I had been drinking beer with some friends. I wandered off to look at the moon and got lost in the woods. I also forgot my cell phone at the campsite. But I didn't forget my flashlight. Well I was looking all over for the path back to our campsite. But I got lost along the way. It was so dark and I could barely see what was right in front of me. I saw a bunch of trees and other things in front of me. But after wandering or a while I saw him there in the distance a tall skinny man with a black top hat. He appeared to have no face. I saw him and ran screaming in fear. Well my friends heard me and called out to me. I ran so fast, they saw my flashlight and called me over with their flashlights, and led me back to the campfire. After I told them what has happened none of us got much sleep that night. We packed and left in the morning. The End.

So yeah Slender Man is real. I know because I've seen him.

Scariest Youtube Videos online Deep Web creepypastas

This one really scared me. The most I hear about the Deep Web it sounds like an evil place. A little to evil if you know what I mean. Well there is a creepypasta. some of these stories claim to be true, but are probably made up.

Well here you are and enjoy. This story is quite scary so enter at your own risk. And please stay off the deep web!

I wasn't careful enough on the deep web Creepypasta Video